Wondering where to begin with Home Automation?

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Wondering where to begin with Home Automation?

The whole concept of Home Automation may seem overwhelming to the average homeowner. You may not want all the bells and whistles or you may not be the entertaining type. Well, that’s just fine. You have the option to incorporate control on the products that you use on an everyday basis.

Take for instance the tasks that you do everyday such as; turning lights on/off, adjusting your thermostats up/down, arming/disarming your security system, and locking/unlocking your entry doors.

These common tasks are apart of our everyday lives and is how we interact with our homes.

Lighting Control

Today we have light switches all over the place and sometimes a cluster of them in commonly used areas. You have lights for chandeliers, canned lights, fans, lamps, etc. Lighting control gives you the option to program one button commands based on your liking. Simply press away, when leaving and all your lights will turn off. When returning simply press Home and the lights you normally use will turn on. If you left home in a hurry and you arrive at work only to think, “Did I turn off all the lights?”. No worries, open your Control4 App on your smartphone and simply check to see. If you did leave them on, just hit Away, and all your lights will cut off. This not only offers peace of mind and convenience, it also saves money on your electricity bill.

Climate Control

We all use thermostats everyday, in order to keep our homes comfortable. I live in Houston, TX where our weather is unpredictable from week to week. We can have a record high and low in the same week during our Spring Season. With control of your thermostats you can have the convenience of adjusting from your smartphone whether at home or while you are away. This helps you run your HVAC efficiently.

Security System

Another common interaction with you home is with your home security system. Having access to your system remotely is very beneficial and can also offer piece of mind by checking in on it every so often. Whether at work or away for vacation always have access to your security system.

The ability to program these separate products to interact with each other is where the Magic happens.

The Magic of Home Automation

So these are the everyday tasks that you already use. Incorporating these into an automation system not only offers efficient use and remote access, but one other advantage is the integration abilities.

Yes a lot of devices today all have apps to control them, but that is just like having 5 remote controls on your ottoman in the family room. Now we just juggle 5 apps on our smart phones. The ability to program these separate products to interact with each other is where the magic happens.

Imagine you are away and a burglar decides to bust in your back door. With the Home Automation system we can program all the homes light to begin cutting on/off as the Alarm sounds off, this extra deterrent can reduce the time of a burglary. If you have Surveillance cameras you can take a look in to see what is going on at your residence.

So don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed with the idea of Home Automation. Today Home Automation has become very user friendly and affordable. Call us today or visit www.creative-lava.com for more info.

We can begin with a free consultation to see how you can begin with home automation. Start with a simple solution and add as you discover new needs. The system is scalable and will grow with you. Many of the products you may already be using can be incorporated into a system. At Creative LAVA we listen to our clients needs and provide solutions. If you’re building your dream home or remodeling your current home, our staff is here to help you design and engineer the perfect system to fit your needs and budget.