Who is Creative LAVA? Houston’s AV & Automation Company

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Who is Creative LAVA? Houston’s AV & Automation Company

Yeah, Yeah, we do Lighting, AV, & Automation. Oh yeah and we do make really cool Theater Rooms that make grown men feel like kids in a candy store. And yes, our technicians get dressed in telephone booths and fly to your house to make sure the music works for your House Party!

But who is Creative LAVA? Behind all the great work and when the capes are put up in the closet, who makes up Creative LAVA?

In a market where most people provide the same equipment and services that we do, the only difference is “US”, the Creative LAVA Team. We are truly the only difference between us and the next company. Its no mystery that anyone can go online and shop or watch Youtube and try to DIY. Knowing that “WE” are the only difference, is what drives us to be the VERY BEST at what “WE” do. Our clients are the very reason we are able to keep our doors open and have done so over the past 14 years.

We do not let manufacturers influence us to push products on our clients and we do not look to gouge our clients with unnecessary products or services. We understand that if we take care of our client and provide solutions for their needs and simply “LISTEN”, we not only get a job, we get a life-time client. This has allowed us to service and retain a long list of happy clients.

Our clients are the very reason we are able to keep our doors open and have done so over the past 14 years.

Okay so back to “Who Is Creative LAVA?”, without further ado, Meet Creative-LAVA…

Meet the Team

Jose Melendez

One of the most tenured employees of Creative LAVA, Jose brings over 10 years of expertise to the team. He can take on any size project and delivers excellent results. Jose started off in the field as an electrician, his passion for electronics and technology is what steered him to the AV industry. Once his unbelievable work-ethic was matched with his passion, Jose naturally excelled. He soon began to run his own projects and enroll in classes to continue education in the AV Industry. His thirst to learn and grow eventually led him to become a Certified Programmer with Control4. In addition to that he acts as project manager on installs to insure we deliver exceptional services. When Jose is not programming and leading projects, he is banging on his drum set. In his free time he like to play drums and often will do gigs with his local band mates.

Carl Carter

Carl brings over 30 years of AV experience to the Creative LAVA team. His interest was sparked at a young age as he took a liking to Car Audio. What began as a hobby installing speakers and amps is cars eventually led to a career. He naturally went on to doing residential installs doing security and then AV full-time. He soon learned that he enjoyed seeing the faces of clients as they enjoyed a Home Theater that he installed. This is what Carl looks forward to at the end of each project, seeing the smiles of the Families. When Carl isn’t delivering Smiles for the Creative LAVA Team, he is hanging out with his Son. Carl enjoys watching classic films with his Son and teaches him the art of cinematography and what goes into making a film.

Alfred Perez

Creative LAVA’s most WANTED and sought after individual! Alfred is the one who takes the wildest Imaginations and brings them to life! Alfred is our Project Engineer, with over 30 years of experience. From engineering the AV systems of entire Amusement Parks and setting up DJ Equipment for some of the largest and most entertaining clubs of across the US in the 90’s, he has found a home at Creative LAVA. He literally operates like a search engine when you ask him anything related to Audio/Video or Automation. He takes our clients request and designs the systems to meet the desired results. When Alfred isn’t designing masterful systems for Creative LAVA he enjoys traveling with his family. Also, he volunteers by assisting emergency radio communication to several local agencies and teaches these services on weekends.

Alex Soria

At an early age technology was a passion for Alex. When he discovered a Nintendo at 5 years old he fell in love. That passion in Technology fueled a hunger to learn more. He soon began to take things apart and put them back together. Creating his own surround sound systems with salvaged speakers from neighbors, he grew a following among his peers. He was the nephew that all the family called for tech support over the phone and was always diagnosing AV setups at the families holiday gatherings. This passion for technology and helping others sprung Alex into consulting, for the past 10 years Alex has helped clients by providing his services. Today Alex, is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Creative LAVA. In his free time he loves to attend Dallas Cowboys games with his family and he loves to read.

John Thrash

A true Ghostbuster! Josh has an uncanny ability to see and talk to another realm. No, no, not the paranormal realm, the Wireless Networking realm. John talks to wifi networks and routers. With over 20 years as an IT Systems Engineer, John has provided his expertise for juggernauts such as Hewlett Packard and United Airlines. There he was delivering his Engineering and Project Management to the Airlines. He now acts as the Operations Manager for Creative LAVA and designs wireless networks for our clients. When he isn’t talking in the other realm he is enjoying outings with his family and gaming.

The only way to do GREAT work, is to LOVE what you do. -Steve Jobs

So now you know Who Creative LAVA is! We are grateful to have amassed the clients we have today and enjoy being there when they call on us. Anyone can sell you a product, but it takes a TEAM to deliver the end results. There is a popular saying that goes, The only way to do GREAT work, is to LOVE what you do. -Steve Jobs. At Creative LAVA we have a Team of Individuals who are passionate about the work they do and we look forward to providing our clients an outstanding experience.

For all of our current clients we want to say THANK YOU for choosing us as your preferred AV Company.